The first leg of the Meeting of “EPS Industry  & Stakeholder Organizations” held by EPS Industrial Association (EPSDER) with the support of CFN Kimya has been organized in Sheraton Grand Samsun Hotel in Samsun with the participation of EPS Industry and Stakeholder Organizations. Current news and up-to-date information as regards to heat insulation, regulations and various other aspects have been elucidated by the specialists in the meeting.

Osman Kaynak, Governor of Samsun, Fuat Köktaş, Samsun PM and member of Committee for Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Demir, Samsun Metropolitan Mayor, İbrahim Avcı, Deputy Governor of Samsun, Hasan Togar, Mayor of Tekkeköy, İbrahim Sandıkçı, Mayor of Canik, Halit Doğan, Mayor of Çarşamba, İbrahim Sadık Edis, Mayor of Vezirköprü, Osman Topaloğlu, Mayor of 19 Mayıs, Halil Akgül, Mayor of Salıpazarı, Salih Sağır, Pronvincial Director of Samsun Environment and Urbanization, Haluk Akyüz, Chairman of Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, Cevat Öncü, Chairman of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Board of Directors and members, Kadir Gürkan, Samsun Branch Manager of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Board of Directors and members, members of the board of directors of EPS Industrial Association, association stakeholders and business people have attended the meeting.

Murat Kenet, Secretary General of EPSDER have said in his opening speech; “We believe that these events we organize are of utmost importance in regards to the sector stakeholders getting familiar with each other, reciprocal disclosure of the most updated and actual news and information on the sector and implementation of such information on the field in accordance with the applicable regulation and legislation. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude both on my behalf and of our association to CFN Kimya, our esteemed member of our association, for its contributions and support to our association and to you all for your participation and greeting you all with due respect.”

Afterwards, Mustafa Demir Samsun Metropolitan Mayor, further added; “Speaking as someone who performed endeavors in these regards in my time of Minister, this meeting has a particular importance for me. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have been aiming to produce energy as much as we consume. Our government has been carrying out substantial endeavors in terms of renewable energy. We are a country in the wake of making investments to enable us to use our substantial potentials as regards to solar and wind power. I wish these aspects to be discussed in this meeting to be beneficial for our city.”

Fuat Köktaş, Samsun PM, has stated; “Energy corresponds to substantial amount of money we directly transfer abroad. Our national capital. A substantial loss for our country. However, no matter how much we save and increase our energy effectiveness and efficiency, it is of great importance for us that such resources shall remain within our country and shifted to other areas of investment. Therefore, certain measures are required to be taken. Information shall be shared herein with us as regards to the fact that EPS is not only a thermal insulation system but also a system utilized in many areas of our lives, however, it is required to be utilized at the right time and in the right place. A sound and decent law may lead to quite unsatisfactory results in the hands of an enforcer. An incompetent and incapable law lead to unsatisfactory results in the hands of an enforcer. In other words, the enforcer is the key player. Therefore, we are required to implement these materials of ours in its proper place and to accomplish the desired outcome. Accordingly, we have discussed and negotiated the “Product Safety Law” last week in the national assembly. As of this moment, we have concluded the preliminary endeavors. Also approved by our committee. God willing, this law shall be finalized this week. The first law to be introduced on the agenda of the national assembly shall be “Product Safety Law”. Before ending my speech, I wish this meeting in terms of its outcomes to be beneficial for all of us.”

Osman Kaymak, Governor of Samsun, expressed; “I hereby would like to mention on this occasion that the global climate change both across the World and in our country is one of the 17 Articles among the sustainable development objectives. It shall be quite beneficial and convenient for us to recognize and acknowledge that the impact of each activity and contribution we shall carry out within the scope of the energy effectiveness and efficiency within our region on a national global level shall be inevitable. In this context, I would like to point out that we, as Turkey and Samsun, shall continue to support the 2023 vision and subsequent endeavors for a better world we shall be leaving to our future generations. Last but not the least, we congratulate EPS Industrial Association organizing this meeting and wish this meeting to be highly beneficial for our region.”

Furthermore, in the meeting, Akın Türkoğlu, Secretary General of EPSDER has made a presentation on “EPSDER – A Civil Society Organization”, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uzun, research associate of Department of Mechanical Engineering of Faculty of Engineering of Kırıkkale University has made a presentation on “Thermal Insulation and Thermal Insulation Materials TS 825 and Energy Performance Certificate, Thermal Insulation”, Nazan Arslan, Director of ÇEVKAK Laboratory, has made a presentation on “Standards of Thermal Insulation Materials and systems” and Murat Kenet, Secretary General of EPSDER has made a presentation on “Various areas of utilization of EPS and utilization in Civil Engineering as light joint sealant-GEOFOAM EPS and relevant regulations” and shared substantial information as regards to their areas.

The program organized has been ended with a banquet.