The 5th Geofoam Congress which is organized by EPSDER and sponsored by our company, was held in Cyprus with the participation of 23 countries.

5. International Geofoam Congress

The congress brought together EPS Geofoam manufacturers, raw material suppliers, machine manufacturers, academicians, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, soil mechanics, contractor companies from several countries.

What is EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) Geofoam Lightweight Filling Material?

EPS Geofoam (Lightweight Filling) technology was first used in 1972 by the “Norwegian Road Research Laboratory” as a lightweight filler for the purpose of reducing the settlements in road applications. lightweight filling material Geofoam, which started to be used in 1970s, was first used in Scandinavian countries and later in Western Europe, America and Japan.

EPS Geofoam weighs 1% of the same volume of a conventional filler material used in civil engineering applications. These are the other main areas of usage for EPS Geofoam:

• In road and railway constructions as lightweight material with low bearing capacity and high level of settling, alternative to traditional soil amendment methods
• Reduction of overfill loads from structures such as art structures buried under the ground and power transmission lines.
• As a light filling material on bridge approach ramps
• As a fast and compression-free filler in road widening work
• To Increase slope safety in areas with landslide risk
• Reducing the loads to the floors (landscaping on concrete etc.)
• To economize with reducing basic depths in areas with high frost
• To reduce seismic (earthquake) effects in buildings (seismic isolator)
• Reduce loads behind existing or new retaining walls
• Various landscaping applications and artificial filling/elevation applications.