Since 1951, EPS has been one of the most widely used thermal insulation sources in the world. Today it is increasingly implemented in
architectural design and energy efficient buildings. Its low cost and versatile use make EPS insulation the application of choice for architects and contractors.

EPS is widely used in the construction sector, exterior walls of buildings and ceilings, in the heat and sound insulation, in the packaging sector, in
the protection of white goods, electronic products during transportation, as road filling material known as geofoam and in food applications.

EPS with flame retardant contains flame retardant additives specially formulated to limit ignition. These products are designed to meet the needs of home appliances, geofoam and many applications in building and construction, including building panels, insulation boards and roof groups. These products can expand up to 40 times of their volume when treated with steam heat. By applying steam heat, the expanding agent passes from the liquid state to the gas and expands, while the polystyrene product, which is softened by the heat effect, expands in the form of beads together with the gas. After contact with steam, after the moisture of the beads is removed, the remaining expanding agent is concentrated and the air is emitted into the cellular structure. Once the pre-expanded beads are stabilized, they are fused in the block molds again by contact with the vapor. They are then cured and cut into sheets, plates or other shapes. The EPS is used in the desired applications thanks to its closed cell, air-filled cellular structure, flexibility and lightness and its ability to convert from raw material to finished product.

EPS without Flame Retardant is designed for use in packaging, products and fish boxes, coolers and general applications. It is preferred because of its durability and appearance and its economic and fast production possibilities.

Because of its intended use, all additives used in the manufacture of these products are suitable for food contact.

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