WG 0300 A; is suitable for the production of blocks in the density range 12 kg/m3 to 15 kg/m3 .
WG 0300 A is suitable for steam injection and block moulding processes.

The granules have diameters of 1,25 mm to 2,40 mm . The bulk densty is aproximately 645 kg/m

Our packaging is in the form of 1100 kg Octabine with inner insulation and 1200 kg Big Bag .

In the production of WG 300 A, pentane as expanding agent and brominated chemical were used as flame retardant.

Packaging products should be stored in well ventilated storage not exceeding 25°C, protected from rain and direct sunlight. Products are recommended to be consumed within 3 months from date of manufacture to maintain optimal expansion performance.

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