CFN Kimya was founded in 2013 to meet the needs of Turkey in EPS products. As one of the most prestigious EPS resin production facilities in the world, CFN Kimya has been offering EPS products to domestic and international markets with its quality in international standards since 2013 when it started production in GEBKIM V. Chemistry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone.

As a subsidiary of a family group companies, CFN Kimya has acquired the experience and values of KOKTAS Group and its professional work team. KOKTAS Group continues its services and investments in the highway and railway logistics, fuel, construction, energy, mining and textile sectors since its establishment..

We built our brand on these 4 values:

Reliability, Customer Orientation, Respect for Human and the Environment, Innovation

< Reliability

We build a supply chain with strong and continuous cooperation with business ethics based on the principles of trust and transparency.

Considering that companies consist of people, we care about being a manufacturer that can meet the need for mutual trust and transparency. We build a strong supply chain structure by establishing relationships based on reliable and long-term business partnerships with the companies we work with.

Customer Orientation >

We offer the most suitable solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers from production to logistics process.

We produce raw materials for many companies from different sectors such as, automotive, construction, food and white goods. In line with our customer oriented approach, it is our priority to produce the EPS raw material according to the area in which it will be used and to comply with the required standards. While providing our customers product supply chain, we offer a fast and convenient logistics advantage with our facility’s location close to the road, train and sea connections.

< Respect for Human and the Environment

Our products are everywhere from your roof to your table today, and we are producing with awareness of this.

Today, many products that you use in your daily life, from the heat insulation on your roof to the packaging that you order, EPS is used. Because EPS prevents air pollution, it allows energy savings and recycling. White Gold A and White Gold B series, which are our own EPS resin brand, consist of specially prepared products for different purposes.
As CFN Kimya  we carefully select the chemical substances that will be used in the production stage according to the human health.

< Innovation

We continuously improve our product range and service quality through technology investments and R&D activities.

At a time when the world is changing and developing so fast, we adapt to this change through innovative methods. We try to meet the need of EPS in domestic market with domestic production and to increase our competitiveness with our quality and other services in the international market where we export.
Since 2013, when we started production, we have been continuously improving the quality and performance of our products with our R&D and P&D activities.

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